Hey, I am Chirine El Haj Chehade, a Lebanese-Belgian high school student of 17 years old living in Saida, South Lebanon and Welcome to Mon Monde Ma Mode – my online fashion blog.
I chose to write about the things I liked, the things I’d purchased & other opinions on products in general.
My blog has been created in Decembre 2014… I was new in blogging but had some experiences in admining a page on facebook so please don’t look at my oldest posts because I didn’t have any idea about posting, editing, blogging and so on.

So happy that you have stopped by here… and please enjoy every single detail I wrote about!
Feel free to comment, share with me your ideas and opinion it’s always a pleasure for me to talk with my readers!
Note: Don’t laugh at me but, it’s my third time to edit and re-write the ”About Me” page because I didn’t know what should I tell you about me regarding my first year in blogging and no big experiences in the fashion industry.
Hope it will be my last edit before graduating from university with a degree in ”fashion design”.

Thank you!

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