Congratulations Kara McCullough!

In honor of the ” first week Miss USA 2017 crowning” celebration, I decided to share my love for all the contestants because of how inspiring they were.
All of the contestants have worked so hard for that moment, and even if Kara was the only winner at the end, all of them have won our hearts and made their state,  so proud of them!
I was so happy during the preliminaries, listening to some of the contestants’ body transformations, they have taught young girls and teenagers so many things and that nothing is impossible. There’s who has survived a skin cancer, there’s who suffered from bad nutrition habits… Seeing different body shapes on that stage (from rectangle to curves) made us believe that everyone, no matter what body shape he/she has, the inside beauty makes us all confidently beautiful with a heart and that what matters most.

Wishing all the ladies of the 2017 Miss USA competition the best of luck during their journey as they continue to spread love and hope all over the universe. You guys are real role models and I thank god for letting us know about you.

Wait for my next blog post, it’s about the best dressed Miss USA contestants during both the preliminaries and the finale.





2017 Miss USA Winner Kara McCullough

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