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Yves Rocher’s Moisturizers Review

I’ve bought Yves Rocher’s Moisturizers six months ago, and I was applying both of them just to try the feeling (not in a specific routine). I used to apply one and forget about it for days and re-apply after weeks.


My opinion has changed when summer started ( I will be posting about my Summer skin care routine on Wednesday).
In July, after washing my face, I used to apply the green one “Sebo Végétal/ Gel Crème Zéro Défaut” but I quickly stopped applying it when I have noticed that it was the reason behind my red dots and acne.


The same happened this month when I applied the blue moisturizer “Hydra Végétal/ Gel Crème Hydratation Intense 24H” for two weeks.

The past few days, my routine was the same but without the moisturizer. My skin feels now more comfortable and fresh.

I don’t recommend these two moisturizers for those having a sensitive skin type.



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