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Miss USA 2016- Best Dressed (Part 1)

This year’s evening gowns were so classy and unique. Each one of the contestants did it her way, and I can say they all looked so gorgeous and ‘Confidently Beautiful’.

My lists were based on the contestants’ walk on stage, their evening gowns and performance all in all. But in addition to my favorite ladies, there are some who wore speechless gowns but for some reasons they were not on my list.
So here we go:

  1. Alabama
    Some didn’t like her dress but I am a big fan. The Greek style look so good on her, love her hairstyle, it really matches the dress.
  2. Alaska
    This gown was not a favorite for so many, but I find it so unique. I really like the fabric and the design in the front. I do like the the upper part but I think that it didn’t help her to pose right.
  3. Arizona
    This gown is everything! The upper part and the sleeves are so gorgeous. I love her hairstyle, these big curls match this type of dress so much.
  4. California
    Well, I am not a big fan of this color especially for pageants. But Nadia killed it on that stage and she looked so beautiful wearing this orange dress. Her earrings are everything, her short hair and the curls are so beautiful. This girl deserve the top 5 more than anyone else!
  5. Colorado
    I was shocked when I heard that Colorado have not placed in the top 15. She was one of my favorite contestants. She did a very great job and I think that she deserve the top 15 so much. I am a big fan of this lady and I will always be following her during her journey and forever.
  6. District Of Columbia
    Well, Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber looked so flawless on that stage. The preliminary’s dress was so unique, I love the color, the fabric and the design. Her final dress was a big surprise because few are those who change their dress for the finals.
    I am in love with both of them, but the preliminaries one is my favorite.
  7. Georgia
    Cape dresses are so fashion this year. Two capes were so gorgeous this year’s pageant: Georgia’s one and a pink one that I will talk about next in this post. I believe that Georgia did a great job during both the preliminaries and the finals. I am so happy she didn’t disappointed me and what else do I need, she’s the 2nd runner up!
  8. Hawaii
    photographer_uploaded_2_102_2_1464853420_2016 (1) This is the first time for Chelsea to compete in a pageant, and she place in the top 3, she’s the first runner up. Her evening gown attract so many. It’s so beautiful and she gave it more values with her royal walk.
  9. Idaho
    Too much beauty in here.
    Sydney killed it in this beautiful red gown that combine these two types of fabric. The back of the dress give it more classiness. I love this so much.

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