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Miss USA 2016

Well, I know that I am a bit late for this blog post, but I was thinking and trying to analyse Miss USA 2016 results.

First of all, I would like to congratulate Miss District of Columbia Deshauna Barber for her win, she really deserves it so much. Her answer for the final question was brilliant and this is what counted the most.
Question: “Define Confidently Beautiful?”
Answer: “To me, confidently beautiful means understanding that it’s not always about your parents, it’s not always about who you’re around and how they feel you look, where they feel you come from or your economic background. Serving in the military has taught me that being confidently beautiful is about BEING ABLE TO EARN RESPECT FROM PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. As a woman in the military, people associate beauty with weakness and they learned very quickly and I’m extremely strong. And although I am small, I’m powerful and confidently beautiful is being myself and being happy on who I’ve become.”
I always knew that she’s gonna place and make some incredible work, and that there was a big chance for her to win. But what makes me sad the most is that I didn’t trust myself and Deshauna by not placing her high in my lists however, she did awesome during the preliminaries and I really love her!

The top 15 list shocked me so much and I felt upset and confused about the decision. Colorado, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas and Miss 52 USA didn’t make it to the quarter final, and there were some of the contestants who did it, but I think these five contestants deserve it more. I believe that The MUO organisation has changed so much last year (the photographer is new, no more evening gown photos, Red Carpet event…), and maybe this year, they are looking for new things in a lady.
South Carolina was my winner with Pennsylvania/ Texas/ Georgia/ Colorado in the top 5.

I am disappointed a little, but looking forward for the next chapters of their lives and what it’s going to bring them. I am so proud of my ladies, they did so much work and each one of them represented her state so well. Wishing them the best of luck!

Chirine xo



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